Is it possible to send probes or ping from PRTG through a VPN tunnel so the tunnel stays open? The problem we face is that the VPN's will terminate the connection when in idle making it difficult to monitor. Is there a possibility in PRTG to make sure that to that peer we send a continious ping or probe to keep the tunnel open? Thank you in advance

Keep Alive - Free download and software reviews - CNET Keep alive is a Windows service that allow to ping some links in order to keep alive the application pool. Also it includes a Configurator to configure the links to ping. http请求里的keep-alive,求解-CSDN论坛 2014-6-10 HTML5: 的ping属性之死亡ping与隐私追踪 - …

Keep-alive is enabled by default in IIS. You can also set it for the site in the applicationHost.config file using the and the connectionTimeout attribute.

GitHub - thoughtpolice/heroku-ping: A utility to ping heroku-ping: keep your heroku websites alive. Like some people, I use heroku to keep my homepage alive. Unfortunately, the heroku dynos are powered down if they don't get requests in a certain amount of time, meaning visitors to your site often experience a nasty delay. This is a heroku application that pings a URL every 20 minutes to fix that.

Jun 22, 2018 · Resolving The Problem. To enable KeepAlive with WebSphere MQ v5.3 on Windows. Go to the MQ Services panel; Open the Queue Manager Properties ; Select the TCP tab; Check the box for "KeepAlive"

【図解】TCP Keep-Alive/http Keep-Aliveの仕組 … 【図解】TCP Keep-Alive/http Keep-Aliveの仕組みと違い ~Client/Serverの挙動とメリット,設定~ ネットワークエンジニアとして知っておくべきこと KeepAlive とは一般に、ある2つの機器間の通信接続において、相手が活きているかを確認し、その接続を維持する仕組みを指します。 WebSocket 和Keep Alive区别? - 掘金