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RARBG was founded in 2008. Originally conceived as a Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker – BG stands for 'Bulgaria' in the name –, the website has been serving an international audience since then. According to TorrentFreak, RARBG specializes in English-language "high quality video releases, but lists other content as well, including games, software and music."

Rarbg The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 2015. You know what they say: All is fair in love, war, and wartime propaganda. Well, chances are Plutarch Heavensbee has said (or RARBG - VPNAuth Sep 20, 2018 RARBG Advanced Filters - Greasy Fork Additional quality of life filters for RARBG: - Show or hide category icons - Show or hide torrent thumbnails - Make torrent thumbnails big or small - Show or hide movie and TV filters (Removes torrents with KORSUB and 720p) - Show or hide porn - Search for movies and tv shows by genre - Filter based on minimum IMDB rating (For Movies and TV Shows)