34 Must-Have Ubuntu Apps in 2020

Another reason to consider Ubuntu as the best OS for programming is the consistency of OS experience on different platforms. One of the best features of Ubuntu operating system is the access to the same software packages on all Ubuntu versions. Developers could switch between various platforms easily in a particular project without any issues. Forcefully Close a Program in Ubuntu - Help Desk Geek Apr 02, 2020 Ubuntu vs Windows 10 | Know The Top 18 Useful Differences Ubuntu: Ubuntu is an open source software which was developed by Canonical in October 2004. It is a very reliable operating system. Its latest release is Ubuntu 18.10. Basically, it comes with three official editions: Ubuntu Desktop – for the personal computer, Ubuntu Server – for making the servers and Ubuntu Core for the IoT and Robots Which Ubuntu Version is Best for Laptops? Real Story of a

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Skype is very popular video calling application software on Windows operating system. If you already moved from Windows to Ubuntu or planning to do so you might not want to switch back to Windows just to use applications like Skype whenever in need.

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