A wide area network (WAN) is a network of devices, local area networks (LANs), or Metro Area Networks (MANs), that are connected either via wireless or wired communication lines. A virtual private network connects different WAN sites.Such connections span large geographic areas and can occur between towns, regions, even countries.

Wan Connection Type choose " Dynamic IP " → Next. Click Clone MAC Address to clone your PC’s MAC address to WAN MAC Address of the router → Next. Note:If your ISP provides Static IP,the WAN Connection Type you may choose Static IP and put in the specific IP information from your ISP → Next. Configure WAN settings on your modem | CenturyLink WAN settings allow you to change the protocol and addressing type required by CenturyLink for internet access. Do not change these settings unless instructed by a CenturyLink technician. NOTE: Depending on your model, your modem's user interface may appear slightly different from the images below. Connection Type - Internet - Internet Forum - Cox Support Connection Type. OverUnder over 5 years ago. I recently bought a new Asus router to replace my old dying one. In going through the setup process, the web GUI tool asked for the connection type in regard to the IP address. If you mean the "WAN Connection Type" then that would be "Automatic IP" as seen in this emulator. You may not have that Application Requirement/Choose WAN Connection Type on my

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WAN Connection Type - blog.agilitycommunications.net The WAN is now more critical than ever in connecting to the cloud and for branch offices to connect to the headquarters. Determining the best WAN connection type for your business can be a difficult task. Properly analyzing WAN traffic, branch locations and bandwidth requirements is the key to successfully deploying WAN solutions. What is WAN (Wide Area Network)? Nov 13, 2018

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What is WAN - Wide Area Network - How WAN works - Types of What is WAN. As the name symbolizes wide area network is a broad network whose communication is wider than the LAN, MAN and even CAN. The application of WAN (Wide Area Network) is not limited to a room, building or specific vicinity. What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)? - Lifewire May 09, 2020 How to Cable LANs and WANs