Feb 24, 2013 · Parallels Freeze after Sleep Solved I purchased a new MacBook Air 13" running OSX Lion this summer, with Parallels 6 and Windows 7 Ultimate, and I experienced the same problems as other writers in this thread.

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Feb 11, 2015 · The Problem: I recently upgraded my computer and did a clean install of Windows 7. Now, whenever I put my computer into sleep mode and wake it up, it freezes. When the computer is awaken, it displays the screen it should (my desktop), but everything is frozen. I then have to power my computer

Sep 05, 2010 · i don't have the hide task bar options enabled, and i already tried disabling all sleep options , but no luck! plz help p.s. while trying to fix this issue, after another hard reset that followed a freeze, my windows 7 started up already frozen :\ i rly hope this doesn't happen again, or i'm gonna switch from windows completely :\ If the computer locks up when coming out of sleep mode, restart the computer, adjust the power settings, and then update the BIOS.For more information, go to HP PCs - Troubleshooting sleep and hibernate issues (Windows 7). Aug 14, 2009 · Windows 7 Freezes After Sleep Or Hibernate Jun 15, 2012. my pc used to freeze after sleep or hibernate, now, it freezes after restart or just turning it on. View 5 Replies View Related Everything Freezes After A Few Minutes Apr 13, 2012. It all started yesterday, while I was browsing the net my computer suddenly froze and got a bluescreen. We just installed windows 7 home edition and our usb mouse keeps freezing after it's been in sleep mode for awhile, we have to reset the computer then it works, does anyone know how to fix this? Our motherboard is a msi NF750-G55 and the mouse is a microsoft comfort curve 2000. thanks

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You may experience the following issues on a desktop or a notebook computer that is running Windows 7 when you try to put the computer to sleep: The computer wakes immediately after you put it to sleep. The computer randomly or unexpectedly wakes after sleep. The computer does not go to sleep. Instead, it stays awake. Jul 31, 2016 · Computer hangs and freezez after coming out of sleep in Windows 10? Please try this simple trick and let's know if this works for you! Click on the power icon/battery icon on the task bar I Power for the past few days, when i wake up my computer from sleep and hibernation mode it'll freeze and the only way tp get it to work is to hold the power button. just for your information, i recently updated some drivers but i will try to delete the new power management driver and go back to the old Nov 16, 2011 · Windows 7 VM freezes after resume from sleep I am seeing this same problem right now. I have a security password set, and when I enter it and the MacBook Pro recovers from sleep mode, the Mac side works just fine; but Parallels is frozen and none of the programs or start menu respond. Hi I think whenever you locked your pc and after sometimes when you come to login your PC it hangs no keyboard or mouse works. Similarly i have also encountered this problem past days.