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Feb 14, 2008 · In most cases you dont get to. If your school went to the length of blocking websites that means that they have a web filter tool. This tool will block proxy use as well as streaming media, and media content. So photobucket is being double blocked. Since you need it for class tell your teacher and she/he might be able to get pass the filter. Jan 28, 2014 · I live in Brisbane, Australia and was wondering how i can bypass the Education Queensland Block. It is very annoying because when i am home, i cannot access basic websites on my school laptop. Keep in mind that almost all proxies are blocked. The school uses "Blue coat Proxy Client" To block websites, i would really appreciate if someone could help me out. Thanks

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Improve Employee Productivity - Block Distracting Downloads. When your average employee loses productivity due to non-work tasks, they are often engaging in “cyberloafing” from browsing news, social media, and other distracting websites; BrowseControl can proactively block these websites using its internet filtering features. how do you get past internet blocks? - Instructables how do you get past internet blocks? Answered. Tags: please help me. Discussions. 0. la-main. Best Answer 11 years ago Reply Upvote. theres a programme called ultra surf. I use it at school cuz they have mc afee there. i suggest that you look it up on google (version 9.4) and if the site is blocked i wil send it to you. hope this helps you How can i bypass the Queensland Government Statewide Block Jan 28, 2014