Jul 22, 2020

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I'm testing a 802.11 wireless link using iPerf and the UDP protocol. Using the -b command at the client, I can set the bandwidth to an arbitrary number (e.g. 1 Gbps) that's much higher than the link can support (e.g., 50 Mbps). The iPerf test will then report a 95% packet loss rate. My question is where are these UDP packets being lost?

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Jul 31, 2017

Using iPerf to Test Network Speed and Bandwidth (Throughput) Jul 22, 2020 How to use iPerf to measure throughput - SearchNetworking The iPerf program contains both client and server functionality. Important considerations for using iPerf. Before we get to the commands required to run the program, there are a few very important considerations about how to use iPerf with respect to measuring throughput, and the impact that testing can have on your users. IPERF for Windows IPERF UDP client just blasts the maximum traffic you order, and the circuit either carries or drops it. IPERF UDP server reports the total bandwidth of the traffic received, lost packets, and jitter. It's better to begin testing for maximum throughput from very low target … Get Iperf - Microsoft Store