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Working Mac. By Joe Kissell, Similarly, to make sure the problem isn’t just your current app (such as your email program or web browser), try connecting to the Internet with another app. Can Not Use Internet In Any Browser Except IE : tipsnfreeware If you can not use Internet in any browser except IE (Internet explorer) than there are three options you can try, to solve this problem. 1. Windows Firewall: In control panel first Check windows built in Firewall, see that its not configured to block these browsers. 2. My PC is connected to the internet but Firefox won't

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Nov 03, 2010 Firefox and other browsers can't load websites | Firefox Help If neither Firefox nor another browser can load any websites, your problem is external to Firefox and you should seek support elsewhere. See Wired and wireless network problems at microsoft.com. See OS X El Capitan: If you can’t connect to the Internet at apple.com.

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How to Fix Google Chrome Not Connecting to Internet/Wi-Fi As we all know, if we want to access the internet, we need a web browser like Google Chrome. But sometimes we will encounter a problem that Google Chrome is not connecting to the internet which happens not only on Win/Mac but also iPhone/Android. Restore your browser to default settings - AOL Help Jul 01, 2020