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The quality and condition of the wiring which connects your computer (s) to the Verizon network Unusual events like a network outage and failure may also reduce speed. Sometimes the internet sites customers try to access may have issues on their end related to outages, server failure or network congestion. Wi-Fi - Slow or Intermittent Connection | Verizon Internet Get in the habit of using the highest level of wireless security that your router will support. The WEP setting provides less security for your Wi-Fi connection and can reduce your speed by up to 80%. To provide the best and most secure setting for your Wi-Fi connections, opt instead for the WPA2 Protocol. How to solve Verizon unlimited data slow ? - UnLimited

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Check your internet plan. First things first, make sure you’re not out of data. Check your internet plan and make sure it supports the speeds and amount of data you need to run your life—whether that’s working from home or streaming Netflix videos.. For example, if your plan supports only 15 Mbps of download speed, then you’re probably not going to have a great experience with streaming.

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