May 05, 2015 · But CLEAR has maintained a presence, and was seen by many local home internet users as an alternative to Comcast. Sprint officials did not make available how many customers will be affected in Baltimore. Existing CLEAR users will have the option to migrate to Sprint’s LTE network, said Sprint spokeswoman Roni Singleton.

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May 12, 2020

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In response to these problems, many people are turning toward alternative data sources.In the internet age, private companies gather a vast amount of information very quickly -- restaurant Deleting IE History/Cookies without Admin Privs? - Web Aug 18, 2010 4 Alternative Funding Sources - Financing Your Business Dec 07, 2009 Richard bought a Clear internet box, but Sprint bought Clear and is shutting it down. Leo says that Clear was WiMax, which was a special Wi-Fi system that used microwave signals. Leo thought it would be a great option for rural areas, but Sprint's investment almost bankrupted them. It just didn't work unless you were really close to the tower.