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Google Sites is a free drag-and-drop website builder and hosting service which enables anyone to create their own website and get it online. Last time we looked at it, Google was in the process of

Can I create a new Google Site? Yes. G Suite users can use the site feed to create new sites programmatically. We hope to open this features to all users in the future. Can I delete an existing Google Site? At this time, the API does not support deleting an existing site. Deleting sites must be done in the Google Sites control panel. Google site or Blogger? | BlackHatWorld

google sites is totally worthless. if anything go with blogger. You can still set up a blogger site to look like a static site and have a blog page too. edit: i forgot to add that you can still rank ok with the blogger subdomain, ive done it. but it really depends on your niche and competition. overall a domain looks better and more professional as others have said. look for a $1 domain deal

Dec 06, 2018 KWD - Google Sites Designer - About New Google Sites Kirksville Web Design creates professional Google Sites. An application of Google Apps, Google Sites is a solid web platform for building public company websites, intranet, and project management sites on the cloud. Google Sites offers no hosting costs and it is easy to maintain. 10 myths about Google Sites debunked and dispelled Aug 25, 2011