Can i use my mobile phone as a hot spot for chromecast if

With my family there does it make sense to use only one phone as the wifi hotspot? 2. Does anyone know how fast the service is for Verizon in Tokyo? 3. Or is it just easier to rent a pocket wifi even though I'll need to use my Verizon phone services (phone and texting)? 4. I understand that pocket wifi transmission speed is reasonably fast. How to Make Your Hotspot Faster Using a Hotspot Booster 2019-8-5 · A mobile hotspot is basically a Wi-Fi connection that comes from your cell phone. You’re able to connect to this Wi-Fi with multiple devices and use to browse the internet or send emails. However, keep in mind that using your phone as a hotspot can eat away at your data quickly, especially as more devices use the connection. Correct Answer: Can I use my device as a hotspot and be on To get data and voice at same time you must have Advanced Calling 1.0 active on your account and you must turn on VoLTE or LTE calling on your phone. Once you do that, you will be able to do voice and data at the same time as long as you are in an LTE area.

May 30, 2018 · A Wi-Fi hotspot is really just a wireless access point. Typically, they are public locations where you can access the internet through Wi-Fi on your mobile devices. They are convenient, but there are also some security issues to be aware of when using them.

Use my phone's wifi hotspot to connect to my PC? - 28430. I'm having a similar issue where I connect to internet using my mobile phone hotspot, TeamViewer then won't let me sign in. How To Connect a Computer To a Mobile Hotspot

It is possible to connect to a Wi-Fi network and share that Wi-Fi connection via a mobile hotspot at the same time, to make your phone act like a Wi-Fi repeater or extender, but only on a very narrow range of Android devices – usually high-end sma

2017-1-26 · Hi Zahid, You’re right, using your phone as a hotspot can be a big drain on the battery. It’s best to keep your phone plugged in, but that isn’t always possible. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and was able to use my phone as a hotspot recently for over an hour during a power outage. Should I Use My Phone as a Mobile Hotspot? Don’t - use your mobile hotspot to download large files or stream movies for hours. Power. WiFi tethering chews through power at an incredible rate, and your smartphone battery can expire quickly when under heavy strain. Do - charge your device using the correct cable while using it as a mobile WiFi hotspot. Can i use my mobile phone as a hot spot for chromecast if How your phone provider bills you is a good question to ask. Do they care about just what goes from them to your phone or do they also count what your phone moves around. My provider doesn't care but they do bill me a flat-fee charge each day that I turn on the hotspot. Should I Ditch My ISP and Just Share My Phone's Data